Affair Recovery

Shock. Rage. Denial.


Have you recently found out your spouse has bee having an affair either emotional of physical?  Are you having trouble sleeping eating, concentrating on work? These are common symptoms that people have after he revelation of an affair.  You can feel full of anger then flooded with if despair all at once.

The feeling that your entire world has come crashing down.You can hardly breathe, let alone sleep or eat! The sudden loss of the security you once had!

You are fully capable of finding your way through this… I promise you.  

We can help you.

Working with couples that are going through the trauma of recovering from an affair takes special understand and personalized care.  Not all couples will experience affairs in the same way, however, there are parts of treating this trauma that are the same.  People who have been betrayed show some classic symptoms of post traumatic stress syndrome (PTSD).  They experience anxiety, crying spells, anger, irritability, hyper vigilance, triggers, reliving of the event and fears.  The treatment for PTSD is the same for the betrayed as it is for someone who has experience eve a violent life threatening event.

For the betrayer there are also fears of the future, confusion about commitment and staying in their current relationship, anger towards their partner, remorse, guilt, insecurity and triggers of the affair partner relationship, grieving the affair.

How can we help?

We Specialize in helping couples recover from the trauma and betrayal that often follows the discovery of an affair and has been the focus of Carole's treatment for many years.  It’s critical, as your therapist, that we understand what it takes to recover from such a trauma.  We provide an emotionally safe and judgment free zone to work with both partners to recover and heal.


Research has shown that couples therapy is the best option when new information has put your life on hold and you feel like you cannot breath. We offer crisis sessions to offer immediate crisis solutions and arrange for referrals to other professionals, as necessary. 

In addition, we can help you work on your marriage even if your partner isn't ready to commit to therapy just yet. There are many effective ways of improving your marriage through working on self awareness and growth. We look forward to getting to know you and assisting you in having a long lasting relationship that you deserve.