How do we Make Love Last?

We teach couples how to build the kind of relationship that is a safe haven with a secure and lasting bond. We do this by using the two leading couples therapy models, Emotionally Focused Therapy and Gottman Couples Therapy.

What is Gottman Method Couples Therapy?

At My-Therapist, Inc, we use a proven couples therapy method that has emerged from over 40 years of research data called the Gottman Method Couples Therapy!

Gottman Method Couples Therapy combines the knowledge and wisdom of more than three decades of Gottman research and clinical practice. Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a structured, goal-oriented, scientifically-based therapy. Through research-based interventions and exercises, it helps couples break through barriers to achieve greater understanding, connection and intimacy in their relationships. Gottman Method Couples Therapy is a structured, goal-oriented, scientifically-based therapy. Intervention strategies are based upon empirical data from Dr. Gottman’s three decades of research with more than 4,000 couples. This research shows us what actually works to help couples achieve a long-term healthy relationship. Gottman Method Couples Therapy was developed out of this research to help couples:

  • Increase respect, affection, and closeness

  • Break through and resolve conflict when they feel stuck

  • Generate greater understanding between partners

  • Keep conflict discussions calm

Research shows that to make a relationship last, couples must become better friends, learn to manage conflict, and create ways to support each other’s hopes for the future.  Drs. John and Julie Gottman have shown how couples can accomplish this by paying attention to what they call the Sound Relationship House, or the seven components of healthy couple relationships.


The easiest way to improve your relationship is to pay attention to your partner during life's small, everyday moments. This video shows you how. As relationship researcher Logan Ury explains, you can choose to TURN TOWARDS your partner in these moments and accept their bids to connect, or TURN AWAY and ignore their bids.

Here's the science behind happy relationships! Dr. Gottman outlines the findings, tools and techniques that have helped thousands of couples from around the world build a "Sound Relationship House."

What is Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy?

“We now begin to see love as intelligible and malleable. We will be able to shift from an obsession with the FALL part of love to the MAKE aspect of love, and make this more than sexual connection. We can develop confidence in our ability to work with and mold our most precious love relationships. This changes everything!”
— Dr. Sue Johnson

Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) is a short-term form of therapy that focuses on adult relationships and attachment/bonding. The therapist and clients look at patterns in the relationship and take steps to create a more secure bond and develop more trust to move the relationship in a healthier, more positive direction.

The science behind why we're drawn to people. We spend our whole lives forming connections with the people around us; whether it's by talking to a stranger we normally pass on the street or falling in love with our soulmate, the strong bonds that we make throughout our lifetime shape who we are.

Dr. Sue Johnson provides a brief summary of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT). This leading edge, empirically validated form of therapy which is taught all over the world. EFT is based on the last 50 yrs of scientific research on bonding: bonding between mother and child and romantic bonds between partners.